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Executive Leadership Team

Mr. Dean - Executive Principal, DSL

Miss. Adamson - Head of School, Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, Attendance, DSL

Mrs. Bagley - Assistant Principal, English, Phonics & Key Stage 2 Lead, DDSL


Pastoral Team

Miss. Clarke - SENCO

Mr. Norton - Family Support Worker (DDSL)

Miss. Sims -  Teaching Assistant - Pupil Well-Being & Mental Health Support 


Administration Team

Miss. Plimmer - Office Manager

Mrs. Ruscoe - Senior Administrator

Miss. Hutchin - Administrator


Mr. Brazier - Caretaker

Cleaning provided via Walsall MBC

Early Years and KS1

Reception (Elizabethans) - Mrs. Jones (EYFS + Year 1 Phase Lead) and Miss. Kelly

Y1 (Edwardians) - Miss. Gibson (Year 1 + Year 2 Phase Lead) and Mrs. Stott 

Y2 (Georgians) Mrs. Durrington, Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Birch (1:1)

Y2 (VictoriansMrs. Chilton, Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Bradbury (1:1)


Key Stage 2 (Lower)

Y3 (Stuarts) - Mrs. Jones and Mr. Wildig

Y4 (Tudors) - Mrs. Bagley & Mrs. Kaur

Key Stage 2 (Upper)

Y5 (Saxons) - Miss. Clarke Teacher, Mrs. Pitcher and Mrs. Horney (1:1)

Y5 (Vikings) - Miss. Kalsoom and Mrs. Wastell

Y6 (Romans) - Miss. Dean (Year 5 + 6 Phase Lead),  Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Lees

Y6 (Celts) - Mrs. Bentley (Year 3 + Year 4 Phase Lead) and Miss. Sims

Lunchtime Team

Mrs. Hinks - Senior Supervisor

Mrs. Humpage 

Miss. Evans

Mrs. Dooley

Mrs Fletcher

Mrs Mcleod

Mrs. Akonea

Mrs. Webster

Mrs. Wilkes

Subject Leaders

English                                Mrs. Bagley (Including Phonics and Reading)

Maths                                  Miss. Dean

RE & Worship                  Miss. Gibson

Science                                 Mrs. Jones

Art                                        Mrs. Bentley

Music                                   Thespian Music Specialist Provision

DT                                        Miss. Adamson

Computing                        Mrs. Durrington

History                                Miss. Clarke

Geography                          Mrs. Chilton

MFL                                     Miss. Adamson

PE                                          Mr. Nastori

PSHE/RSE                         Mrs. Bentley

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