The physical, spiritual and emotional health of everybody within our Academy community is of equal importance to us all here at All Saints, both the children and the adults.

Our bodies are amazing machines and we need to look after them like we would any other machine. We make sure we stay physically fit by doing exercise, having a healthy diet and plenty of sleep to name a few. Our brain also needs to stay healthy too. Our mental health is something we should not be scared to talk about. We all have mental health, however when we get mental ill health then that is when we need help. At the academy we 

have many ways in whish we look after our health and well-being. We can support you as parents to help your child if you have any concerns in this area.


These periods of lockdown are a time when many of us are experiencing different feelings ranging from confusion, anger, frustration, anxiety and apathy, to name but a few.

These are all perfectly natural but can be frightening, especially for children. Your child maybe experiencing emotions and don't know why they are feeling this way. Remember, children feed off their parents emotions, so if you are feeling worried or anxious, they may be "picking up" on these emotions. It is important to be aware of and look after your own mental health too.

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1ST-5TH February - Children's Mental Health Week - Theme "Express Yourself

1st-30th April - Stress Awareness Month

7th April   World Health Day

10th-16th May Mental Health Awareness Week

1oth October World Mental Health Day

11th-14th November Anti-Bullying Week

The Princes Trust Support for Children and Young People
Walsall School Nursing Service - Our named Nurse is Sarah McKenzie
Walsall Local Offer
Helping children and young people with stress and anxiety
Children's Mental Health 
Managing Feelings During Lockdown
How to support your child's mental health by Place 2 Be
Spotting signs of depression in children and young people
How to access mental health services NHS
Walsall Hub Support Services & Crisis Team

We are proud to have Mr Griffiths - PAUL on the team to help us with out well-being. Have a look at some of his videos on You Tube.

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We love to catch up with our Pupil Mental Health Ambassadors. Two Y6 boys are currently in training with Mr Griffiths and will be leading the way across our Trust schools. 

Be inspired with their weekly quotes.

At All Saints National Academy, we follow Walsall's Local Authority School Admissions. 
Our admission arrangements for 2020/21 can be found below.
To apply to our academy you can do so through the local authority website at

Our lunchtime meals here at the academy are provided by Walsall Council. Our catering team receive the meals from a local school and prepare it onsite for the children to enjoy. 

Below is a copy of our winter menu that starts inNovember and goes through until April 2020.

Families who receive certain benefits may be eligible for free school meals.  Your child is eligible for free school meals if you’re in receipt of one of the following benefits:


  • Universal Credit with an annual net earned income of no more than £7,400.

  • Income Support

  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

  • Support under Part 6 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

  • The guarantee element of Pension Credit

  • Working Tax Credit run-on (paid for the four weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit)

  • Child Tax Credit (with no Working Tax Credit) with an annual income of no more than £16,190


Registering for free meals could also raise an extra £1,320 for the school, to fund valuable support such as additional teaching staff, resources or enrichment activities.  Your child does not need to take the meal if you would prefer them not to, but by being registered your school will receive the extra funding that would also benefit your child.


Children who attend reception to year 2 are entitled to a meal free of charge under a government scheme called Universal Infant Free School Meals, but your school still needs you to register to enable them to receive the extra funding.

This additional money is available from central government for every child whose parent is receiving one of the benefits listed above.


If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the academy office for further details.


We believe that the wearing of an academy uniform is essential in promoting the core values of the academy. All children attending the academy, from Reception class upwards are expected to wear our uniform. LOOK SMART BE SMART.


Details of our uniform are as follows:



Academy Tie (worn with shirt only)

Grey Trousers (warmer weather option – grey shorts)

White shirt or White polo 

Purple jumper/sweatshirt with school logo

Dark Socks

Black Sensible Shoes not trainers


Academy Tie (worn with shirt only)

Grey or Black skirt/ Trousers pinafore dress

Purple and white check gingham dress - Summer option

White blouse

Purple cardigan or jumper or sweat shirt with school logo

White or Grey socks

Black Sensible shoes

Sport Uniform - worn to the academy on PE & Swimming Days


Academy hoodie or zoodie

Plain white top (polo or t-shirt)

Plain black joggers or leggings 

Plain purple or black shorts (summer)

Pumps /Trainers


It is a Health and Safety requirement that all long hair is tied up during physical education.


Jewellery and PE


The wearing of jewellery in PE is prohibited for safety reasons. All children are required to remove watches and earrings before taking part.

Jewellery (General)


Jewellery is not permitted. 

Watches are accepted

Ear studs are acceptable but only plain and small in type.

Ear studs must be removed for PE. 



Plain socks 

Black Sensible Shoes 

Fashion shoes (platforms, boots, healies, multicoloured shoes, etc) are not permitted. Trainers or trainer type shoes are also not permitted for everyday use.

Plain sandals worn with socks - (Summer)

The Principal has the discretion to decide the suitability of the footwear.


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girl uniform.jpg

The education of pupils in online safety is an essential part of All Saints National Academy’s provision. Children and young people need the help and support of the academy to recognise and avoid online risks and build their resilience.

We also recognise that parents need support too in the ever-evolving world of technology. Below, you will find useful links where you can access advice and support. If you have any concerns about your child's safety online, please contact the academy.

Click the images to visit these websites

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We are so excited to welcome you to our Reception page for new parents. We can't wait to meet you when things are better but for now we would love it if you have a look at the information we have included on this page. It should give you an overview of what life is like in Reception at All Saints. We follow the EYFS curriculum to develop the foundations for their educational journey with us. We learn through a wide range of play based, active learning opportunities in our  indoor and outdoor classrooms.

We hope you find the information on this page helpful and we are looking forward to meeting you all soon. Any further questions you may have please contact us at

The Early Years team

Our Uniform


  • Purple logo jumper

  • Grey trousers

  • White shirt or white polo top (White polo shirts with school logo are available to buy from the school office – not compulsory)

  • Academy’s tie-purple and grey striped

  • Black shoes not trainers

  • Girls:-

  • Purple logo jumper or Logo cardigan

  • Grey Skirt/ grey dress/ grey trousers

  • White shirt or white polo top (White polo shirts with school logo are available to buy from the school office – not compulsory)

  • Academy’s tie- purple and grey striped

  • Black shoes not trainers



  • Purple Hoodie/Zoodie with school Logo

  • White T-shirts (White PE t-shirt with school logo are available to buy from the school office – not compulsory)

  • Purple/Black shorts

  • Black Jogging Bottoms

  • Black pumps not trainers

  • Children are asked to come to school wearing their PE Kit on their PE days (Allocated PE days will be provided)

boy uniform.jpg
girl uniform.jpg


When your child starts our academy, we require the following forms completed. You can download these and complete and bring to the Meet and Greet meetings, or we will have paper copies at the meetings for you to take away.