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    Why your child is safe at our academy.

All Saints National Academy and St Chad's Trust prioritise the safeguarding of our pupils. Your child’s safety is of paramount importance and we have clear and consistent procedures in place to ensure that your child is safe. We meet all of the statutory requirements and regularly monitor safeguarding provision.

We have a lead member of staff responsible for Child Protection and Safeguarding (Head of School, Mrs M Skidmore) who meets regularly with the lead local academy committee member for safeguarding to monitor the impact of what we have in place; also ensuring we adhere to all legislation.

We have a Pastoral Team made up of :-

  • Pastoral Assistant Principal -                      Mrs Meers

  • Safeguarding and Attendance officer -      Mrs Bassi

  • SEN support officer/Mental Health First Aider & Lego Therapist - Miss Sims

 Below is an overview of the areas of academy life which ensure the safety of our children.

  • Safe recruitment of staff – including training of interview panel and DBS checks.

  • Clear and regularly reviewed policies for child protection, behaviour, safeguarding and many other related policies.

  •  Site safety - All visitors report to the main office in order to gain access to the building. Outside doors are only accessible by a door entry fob system held by staff members. We have a secure fenced boundary which is regularly        inspected and improved where necessary.

  • Pupil Involvement

  • We have a Pupil Voice team and a Safeguarding Squad who support with the decision making and pastoral care of all in our academy.

  • As part of our worship sessions we intertwine and including key safeguarding messages. These are sometimes delivered as bespoke Safeguarding Spotlight assemblies.

  • We hold regular discussions with the children regarding what is in place in our academy to keep them safe and to improve awareness of their personal safety, including what to do and who to speak to if they have any worries or concerns. We hold pupil interviews and questionnaires annually to check that pupil’s feel safe.

  • E safety  we have clear procedures that all children use, in order to improve their safety whilst on the internet at school and at home. 

  • Behaviour  we have high expectations of behaviour. We have a positive discipline policy which enables children to be clear about their responsibilities with regard to behaviour. We work in partnership with our parents/carers if there are any concerns.

  • We do not tolerate bullying and we act swiftly and procedures if there are any concerns or issues

  • Educational visits are always risk assessed. We ensure the ratio of adults to children meets or exceeds requirements so that your children can enjoy their school trips. 

  • We go above the legal requirement for fully trained Paediatric First Aiders. All Early Years staff hold this qualification as well as other staff members across the academy. In addition to this we have staff who are First Aid trained. We also have a trained Mental Health First Aider. Staff are also trained to administer medicines and deal with specific medical needs of children  ensuring care plan requirements are met. 

  • Health and Safety  must be rigorous at all times. Our  estates team has a termly meeting with the Head of School to monitor and discuss all aspects of H&S. The site is inspected every 6 months by Elite H&S

  • We provide a termly safeguarding report to governors. This ensures all aspects of safety provision are up to date. We complete an annual safeguarding audit for Walsall Safeguarding and Children’s Boards.

  • We have a strong belief in partnership working with our families. Our open door policy means that effective communication can take place.

   If you are worried about the safety or wellbeing of a child, please contact:

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL): Mrs Skidmore   - 01922 710210 

  • Deputy DSL's: Mrs Bassi ,Mrs Meers, Mrs Bagley, Mr Norton- 01922 710210 

    If you have concerns about a teacher, please contact:

  •         - Head of School, Mrs M Skidmore - 01922 710210 

   If you have concerns about the Executive Principal or Head of School, please contact:

  • Mrs Hilary Hastings – Chair of Local Academy Comittee – 01922 710210 (ask for Mrs Hastings to call you back)

  • If school is closed and you have an urgent concern about a child’s welfare and believe them to be at risk of significant harm you can call the Police on 999 or make contact with Walsall Children’s Social Care Emergency out of hours on Telephone 01922 652559(to report a concern about a child call 03005552866)


The Academy’s Safeguarding Policy can be found here:-  

Bullying, Exploitation, Protected Characteristics, Healthy Relationships

                     Safeguarding Spotlight Themes


We are proud to be part of the A*Star project for active sustainable travel and road safety. We actively promote, where possible, for you to walk to the academy and how to stay safe when you do.

The link below takes you to the A*Star website where you will find lots of useful information and activities.

CT Policing and ‘Netmums’ partner in an effort to raise awareness of online radicalisation.


Young people are spending more and more time online and Counter Terrorism Policing are seeing younger and younger children being exposed to extreme material and views. Here in the UK, children as young as 12 have been targeted and groomed into supporting extremist ideologies.


That’s why CT Policing’s advice line and safeguarding Prevent website actearly.uk is aimed at family and friends to encourage them to share concerns that a friend or loved one might be vulnerable to radicalisation. To promote the new website and advice line to parents, CT Policing has partnered with Netmums.com, to encourage them to have radicalisation on their radar in the same way they do with other online harms.


This partnership focuses on supporting the work of Prevent bringing transparency around the programme and the support available. It includes content for parents to learn about the dangers, spotting signs and to help protect their children from the potential risk of online radicalisation. You can read all of the useful articles, tips and information on the dedicated Netmums ACT Early hub and even read the live Q&A, where parents ask Prevent related questions.


For more information about ACT Early, please visit www.actearly.uk or contact nctphq.comms@met.police.uk.


CT Policing’s key messages to parents:


  • Have a conversation with your children about the potential risks of radicalisation as you do about other harms like drugs, sexting and child sexual exploitation. Find out more by visiting actearly.uk.

  • Protect your child by finding out about extremism and radicalisation and help make them more resilient to potential risks.

  • Find out how to make your child digitally savvy to help protect them

  • Not all children are vulnerable to radicalisation but some are and every parent needs to know the potential risks and what to look out for.

  • If you are concerned act early and seek advice from the advice line on 0800 011 3764.

  • We are here to help and to listen. They will not be wasting our time. The earlier they tell us their worries, the quicker we can get the person they care about the help they need to protect them from being groomed and radicalised. Most cases they issues will be unconnected to radicalisation and the support will be provided by other partners.





Developments in Afghanistan


We wanted to give an update on the Government’s actions in relation to the ongoing situation in Afghanistan. The horrific attack last week underlines the dangers facing those in Afghanistan and reinforces why the Government are doing all they can to get people out.


The Government’s top priority remains to do everything possible to deliver on obligations to British nationals, and those who have helped the UK. The UK’s military evacuation from Afghanistan has now concluded, with over 15,000 people having been evacuated over the last fortnight. This includes embassy staff, British Nationals, those eligible under the ARAP programme and a small number of nationals from partner nations.


As the Prime Minister agreed with G7 partners last week, the legitimacy of the Taliban regime in the eyes of the international community is contingent on them providing safe passage for those who want to leave Afghanistan, protecting against terrorism, safeguarding the human rights of all Afghans – particularly women and minorities – and allowing unhindered humanitarian access.


The UK’s efforts will now shift to supporting the people of Afghanistan from outside the country, including through the delivery of humanitarian aid and by continuing to facilitate the safe relocation to the UK of vulnerable Afghan people. Thanks to the efforts of over a quarter of local authorities across the UK and vital delivery partners, hundreds of Afghan nationals have already been welcomed and many more are set to arrive, making this one of the most comprehensive resettlement schemes the UK has ever established.


At ASNA we are committed to providing excellence for all our pupils. Our aim is to support every child within the academy to achieve through a nurturing and inclusive ethos. We welcome all children into our community and aim to support them to reach their full potential. 

Our team of staff are trained to deliver a range of educational interventions throughout the Academy day. We also place a high profile on the social and emotional well being of our pupils. Parenting support is also offered through parenting programmes and workshops. 1:1 parenting support sessions are also offered to support the global development of our pupils.


The physical, spiritual and emotional health of everybody within our Academy community is of equal importance to us all here at All Saints, both the children and the adults.


Physical Health 

We make the very best use of the facilities we have on site at the academy and in conjunction with our own Sports Coach Mr Norton we place physical health through sport and exercise high on our agenda. All children in KS2 have been fitness tested and we use this information to support the improvements in fitness levels. Our aim is to offer a range of additional learning opportunities at lunchtime and after the academy day has finished for children to participate in competitive sporting events or developmental activities such as Gymnastics and Dance. Unfortunately, restrictions associated with Coronavirus has had to temporarily halt some of these All children, during their time at the academy, will have the opportunity to access swimming lessons. In order for the children to achieve the best possible results in swimming we have dedicated Year 3 to undertake the lessons meaning they get to go for a longer period of time. This will help ensure that all children reach the National Curriculum expectation that all pupils can swim a width by the end of their primary schooling. When not being held to coronavirus restrictions we hold a variety of intra-academy competitions throughout the year with children competing for their allocated house team. We have achieved the Silver  National Schools Games Mark this academic year.

We support our pupils to develop healthy eating lifestyles by being part of the Food for Life campaign. Fruit is available every break time for children in Early Years and Key Stage One. Children under five years old are also entitled to free milk on a daily basis. Milk can continued to be purchased for 20p a day for children over the age of five. Toast is also available to be purchased during morning break. Parents need to order toast for the week using our Parent Pay app, toast is priced at 20p per slice. The academy meals are provide by Walsall Council Catering Team who have been awarded the Bronze Food For Life award. We have our own allotment on site where children are taught how to grow fruit and vegetables. We are also part of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Adopt a School programme and have our own professional chef aligned to our academy Idris Caldore. 


Emotional Health & Well Being

Our academy team has additional Pastoral staff to add extra support as and when required. These are led by Mrs Meers our Assistant Principal in charge of Inclusion. These staff play an instrumental part in the welfare and wellbeing of those who require additional support not solely that provided by their class staff team.

Throughout the academy we use the Zones of Regulation for the children to identify and signal to staff how they are feeling at the start and throughout the day. This is supported by a nurturing approach throughout the academy with individual children receiving additional support through strategies such as Lego Therapy and Nurture provision within our specialist room The Den. Staff have been trained within the Thrive Approach which also adds support to those children who may require additional intervention. 

As an academy community we pride ourselves in the nurturing ethos and culture that weaves through all the work that we do.


Sports Premium Plan 2021- 2022
Sports Premium Plan 2019 - 2020
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